Who We Are

The FreeIndeed Center was created to bring together faith based individuals and organizations who seek to embrace a freedom mentality in how they live out their faith, life and in the educational choices they make for their families.  Many of us are educators who practice the Sudbury model and/or Free-Schooling from a Biblical perspective and in doing that, we have allowed the freedom mentality to govern the rest of our lives. It is our hope that this organization will help give others encouragement and inspiration who seek to take this freedom journey.

With regards to education, outside of the parents, teachers, community, etc. nurturing a child’s faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we firmly believe that children should learn freely and organically with little interference from the adult world as to how to pursue their personal interests, passions and educational goals.

Each person or group who comes to the FreeIndeed Center is on a journey to freeing themselves and their families in some way. Many are seeking wisdom on how to support their children in learning independently. Others are seeking wisdom on how to bring freedom into their homes, their worship life, their career and in other areas of their life.  The FreeIndeed Center uses Biblical principles to support others in making that transition in their lives.  We are here for support, resources, encouragement, prayer and any advice a person may need to develop a freedom mentality.

The FreeIndeed Center also has a fellowship for those seeking to open schools that desire to free themselves from the traditional school system, so we have a network of schools called FreeIndeed Schools.

To learn specifically about what our organization believes with regards to our faith, please review our statement of faith and our mission/vision statement.  We welcome anyone to fellowship with and learn from us as we share God’s Word on how to live a life that is FreeIndeed.

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