The FLOW Method

What is the FLOW Method?

After over 20 years working in public and private schools, I developed a unique way to understand the way that children grow and learn. Much of this perspective has been inspired by the Sudbury Model.  This understanding gives children the freedom to evolve Spiritually, socially, mentally, emotionally and intellectually at the pace they were created to. The FLOW Method is first a way of “seeing” children as we work with them.  Secondly, the FLOW Method is a mentality that guides the educational choices we make for our children.

I believe that each child was created by God with a unique design for how they develop  and I realized that when children are given the space and time to allow this growth to take place organically, they become happier, more confident and focused on reaching their goals and passions.

The teaching and learning that happens should go along with the FLOW of the child. It is a very organic process that involves “seeing” the child as God has presented him or her to you. However, below I use FLOW as an acronym of some elements that are helpful in developing a healthy learning environment for the child:

Follow a child’s interests, learning style, and learning pace
Liberal Education is learning through reading and discussing Living Books/Great Books
Open to exploring and respecting others’ perspectives, backgrounds and worldviews
Worldview based on Christianity or any other spirituality/religion held by the child

As a seed comes with all that is needed to be a plant, a child has already been endowed by the Creator with everything they need to be the man or woman God wants them to be. Our job, just like in gardening, is to nurture, care for, support and protect them as they live, learn and grow.


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